My Journal, 4.26.2013

The family and I are getting ready to run a few errands this morning, but I wanted to quickly share an entry I came across last night. Everyday, I want to post something to remind myself why I am doing this Kickstarter project, and why it is so important to get it funded.

Here it goes.



… I can’t believe I’m actually going to be in DC with our Congresswoman. I’ve always wanted to make a difference and leave my mark on this world to help others… to have my voice and story told, but as life goes on I realize that there are so many others who have equally powerful, and amazing stories… commoners, powerful people, the rich, the famous, the poor… I really just enjoying getting to know people and our world.

I feel exhausted right now. There has been a lot going on in my life with my dad, my grandma, the news of my award, my family, school, and work. I think I really just need a day to sleep it off and gather my thoughts.

I guess it starts with doing one thing first and going from there. I can’t believe I have to do everything by May 15. It’s truly amazing…


Things are feeling a bit crazy these days. I’m getting ready to finish my first year of law school, and a lot is happening a usual. I saw my dad again today, and he wasn’t looking so good. He doesn’t want to go see a doctor and refuses to take his medication. It is a shame… all I can do is keep trying to ask. I hear that Halmoni (Grandma) is not doing so well. She has lost considerable weight and isn’t able to get out of bed. She’s really weak. My dad’s lease… or her lease… will be expiring, and the landlord isn’t going to rent out to her. I believe she received 45 days notice, but now the landlord isn’t giving him 45 days. They’re requiring that he leaves by the first of the month. That’s in 4-5 days.. I really don’t know what options he has.

The boys are doing really well. They have their soccer games tomorrow. It feels like there’s this never-ending list of things to do… It makes me feel better to write them out, so here it goes:





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