A Letter From Darryl

For those of you who have followed my blog from the beginning, or dug into the archives, you may remember a man named Darryl. I met him the summer before I started law school — a time when I felt uncertain about embarking on a deeper path into the world of academia. I liked sitting in the dirt (literally), with my camera around my neck, a backpack full of snacks, and no real agenda except following my heart and getting to know the people behind the circumstance. My heart wanted to connect with other hearts. Here’s a little clip of what I worked on…

That was a few years ago.

I went searching for Darryl when I found out about my Dad. I remembered our conversations and felt like he, out of everyone, would understand what I was going through. So much of my time was spent trying to compartmentalize parts of my life… my kids, family, friends, school, work… my dad… I didn’t really talk to very many people about what was going on because it made it harder to function in my own daily life. It was a tumultuous time… and I always wondered where Darryl was. If he made it out of “The Forest.”

He did.

Just a few days ago, I received a message from a familiar name and couldn’t believe my eyes. Darryl. He looked healthier, happier, and his words were incredibly uplifting. Instead of summarizing his message, I thought I’d share with you directly:

Message from Darryl

What an amazing world we live in. I’m so proud of him… he got out. He is thriving and striving for better. He has his second chance, too. Never give up… always have hope… *sigh* I have listened to this words over a hundred times in the past few years, and have prints of him and our friends in my home. He is another reminder that miracles can happen — that those living on the streets have stories, dreams, feelings, hopes, and passions. Keep living, Darryl. I’m proud of you… Wishing you the best in this life journey, and looking forward to the day when our paths cross again.




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